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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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| o-core
| |o*array_api.hGenometools array class adapted for ScalES-PPM
| |o*combinatorics.hSimple routines for distribution computations relevant to combinatorial problems
| |o*core.cInterface to user-adjustable core routines of scales ppm
| |o*core.h
| |o*fptr_api.hGenometools common function pointer declarations adapted for ScalES-PPM
| |o*ppm_combinatorics.f90Simple functions and transformations from combinatorics
| |o*ppm_combinatorics.hRoutines solving problems in combinatorics
| |o*ppm_combinatorics_c.cCombinatorial routines
| |o*ppm_compact_mask_index.f90Compute index from densely-populated mask
| |o*ppm_compare.f90Comparison utility routines e.g. as used in sorting
| |o*ppm_extents.f90Describe rectilinear partitions and partitionings
| |o*ppm_extents.hDeclarations for functions on extents
| |o*ppm_graph_csr.f90— CSR data structure
| |o*ppm_math_extensions.hShort description
| |o*ppm_random_c.cC routines to use pseudo-random number generator in Fortran
| |o*ppm_rectilinear.hFunctions for rectilinear data structures
| |o*ppm_rectilinear_c.cFunctions for rectilinear data structures
| |o*ppm_strio.f90Routines for quick, C-like string-parsing
| |o*ppm_strio_c.cFlexible string I/O for Fortran
| |o*ppm_xfuncs.hAdd versions of standard API functions not returning on error
| |o*qsort_r_api.hGenometools qsort_r adapted for ScalES-PPM
| |o*symprefix.hDefine library-specific symbol prefix macros
| |o*xmalloc.cFail-safe [cm]alloc wrappers
| |\*xstdio.cFail-safe stdio function wrappers
| o-crypto
| |o*md5.cPublic-Domain MD5 implementation massaged for POSIX- and ScalES-PPM-conformance
| |o*md5.hPublic-Domain MD5 interface description, massaged for POSIX- and ScalES-PPM-conformance
| |o*ppm_checksum.f90Support checksumming of data in Fortran
| |o*ppm_checksum.hChecksum computations interface description
| |o*ppm_checksum_c.cSupport checksumming of data in C
| |\*ppm_checksum_fwrap.cMessage digest generation Fortran/C interface
| o-ppm
| |o*ppm_distributed.f90Distributed graph data structure
| |o*ppm_graph_partition_mpi.f90Generic graph partition method interface
| |o*ppm_set_partition_base.f90Basic routines and data structures for handling partitions
| |o*ppm_set_partition_base.hData structures of general use to partitioning algorithms
| |o*ppm_set_repartition.f90Routines for repartitioning
| |o*ppm_uniform_partition.f90Compute uniform partitions
| |o*ppm_uniform_partition.hFunctions for uniform partitioning of rectilinears
| |\*ppm_uniform_partition_c.cFunctions for uniform partitioning of rectilinears
| \-testdata
|  \*random_data.f90Generate data structures randomly for test purposes
  \*dist_array.f90Distributed array implementation, optimized for read-only access in parallel phase

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